Healthy Food at Home

What’s on the menu? Loads of salt, bad fats and calories—that’s what! Unfortunately for most of us restaurant lovers, restaurant food has been scientifically documented as being typically higher in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium and lower in healthful fiber, calcium, and iron compared to meals we eat at home. The fact is, when you eat at home you eat healthier and lighter. This is because YOU have control of the ingredients as well as the portion sizes.

Home Cooked Meals

It’s March, time for some spring cleaning—that means organizing your kitchen and pantry for cooking up some simple, healthful, home-cooked meals.

Here are 5 tips to help YOU cook up some health at home:

  1. Shop Smart and Often. One way to help you make more nutritious food choices is to think “fresh and whole” when shopping at the grocery store. Try to fill your basket with a cornucopia of fresh, colorful, and less processed food. This strategy will automatically lower your intake of food ingredients that should be restricted in a healthy diet: saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar, and excess calories.
  2. Cook Simply. No need for fancy sauces or gourmet ingredients to cook up delicious and healthy meals. In the words of Julia Child: “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.”
  3. Find delicious healthy recipes. There are plenty of delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes on line or in the plethora of cookbooks available. As part of your do-it-yourself health routine, why not take the time to go through and pick out maybe 20 of your favorite easy and healthy meals as your go-to recipes.
  4. Pick a cooking, shopping day. Many people find it works to plan your weekday meals (and even prep or cook them) on Sundays. This way, you plan ahead for those days when you are simply too tired to cook or shop and end up ordering in.
  5. Make eating out a treat. Without question, eating out is the American way. Adult Americans consume approximately one-third of their calories from food prepared outside the home. Let’s face it, eating out is great fun. Armed with the knowledge that restaurant food often contains unhealthful ingredients, why not make eating out a special occasion and limit your restaurant visits to once or twice a week?

Remember…Good health begins at home. Why not do-it-yourself? Bon Appetit!

Wishing you best of health,

Dr. Janet

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