I’ve been featured in an article about salt on (Telemundo 51 Miami)! Read it here (Spanish version):
Check Out My Interview on the PraiseWorks Site!
I was interviewed by PraiseWorks Health and Wellness Network…listen to it here:
My recipe is featured on the Fab Fit Fun site!
My recipe for Flourless Dark Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts is featured on the Fab Fit Fun site! Check it...
Natural Foods to Reverse Heart Disease
Listen to the podcast here:
My Response to Anthony Colpo
My comments in response to Anthony Colpo’s vitriolic criticism of my stance on heart disease prevention: Once again,...
I’m Quoted in the Fisher® Nuts Press Release!
Fisher® Offers Pretty Healthy Recipes For a Fresh Start to the New Year Check out the release:
Check Out My Article on the Timi Gustafson Site
Popcorn – A Whole Grain and Fiber Gold Mine Who knew? Read my full article here:
My Advice in the Insurance Quotes Article!
Check out my advice on energy drinks in this Insurance Quotes article:
Check out my article on the National Association of Baby Boomer Women:
Check Out My Article on the Books for Better Living Site!
Oh joy, the fall has finally arrived and those dog days of summer are now, thankfully, a thing of...
Quoted in CBS Philly!
Quoted in CBS Philly!
I’m one of Everyday Health’s healthy eating nutritionist experts!
I’m one of Everyday Health’s healthy eating nutritionist experts…the panel just went live!
Check out my “Asian Shrimp and Tofu Stir Fry” Video!
My recipe for “Asian Shrimp and Tofu Stir Fry” is a featured video this week on the Diabetes EveryDay...
Check Out My Article in the Pittsburgh Better Times!
Heart Health in a Nutshell—What Walnuts Can Do for You:
Article in the Senior Beacon Newspaper
Check out my article about popcorn in the Senior Beacon Newspaper!
My Article is on the Healthy Living Stuff Site
Who knew? Corn, the tiny kernel that most of the world calls maize (after the Spanish word maiz), is...
My Quote is in the Today’s Dietitian Magazine Article!
I’m quoted extensively in Today’s Dietitian Magazine article on the health benefits of red wine. Check it out! “To...
New Article on the Rock Your Genius Site!
What’s hot in nutrition these days? Chia seeds, the same stuff that grows hair on those cute little “Chia...
My Article is on the Women of Wisdom Site!
It’s called the “Eskimo factor.” As early as 1944, scientists began to document that Greenland Eskimos had virtually no...
Check out my Tip on the Always New You Site!
Check out my tip about Greek yogurt on the Always New You web site: Yogurt is a great way...
New Article on the Boomer Lifestyle Site!
Fishing for a Longer Life: Learn What Eating More Fish Can Do for You – and Enjoy This Delicious,...
New Article in the Boom This Ezine!
“Color Code Your Vegetables: What a Painter’s Palette of Vegetables Can Do for You” Read the article here:
New Article on!
Check out my new article  on! “Going Beyond Weight Watchers: Dietary Strategies to Help You Prevent Heart Disease”...
Dr. Janet’s Food & Exercise Guide… Goodbye and Good Riddance to the Food Guide Pyramid
Hallelujah! The government is finally scrapping its nearly 20 year old food guide pyramid graphic in favor of a...
My Web Health Award!
My Fitness Together blog “Ask Dr. Janet” won a Web Health Award!!

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