As you get older and your knees stiffen up, you may wonder if you have missed your chance to exercise properly. Maybe only young people can be in good shape? We’re here to tell you that whether you are over 40 or over 60, it is never too late to start an exercise program.

Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor, the only person stopping you, is you. We’ve all seen 70 year olds who complete marathons and triathlons. Our bodies were built to be used. So, stop second guessing yourself and get moving.

Get Motivated!

Inactivity breeds more inactivity so the first step towards your new active lifestyle will be the hardest. Rest assured, this is the most difficult part. Push yourself to get through so you can reap the benefits of your new exercise routine.

Here are some ways to raise your motivation:

  • Step away from the screen – It’s too easy to get stuck reading an interesting article or catching up on social media. Take away the temptation by putting your phone away until you’ve completed your exercise.
  • Get a natural boost – Get a boost from a natural supplement to help keep your energy up.
    Check out Consumer Advisors for reviews on supplements that will suit your needs.
  • Attractive workout clothing – Feel your best by purchasing a new article of workout clothing. You’ll be able to get yourself out of the door much faster if you like what you’re wearing.
  • Get a buddy – Being accountable to a friend is key. It’s much harder to cancel on someone else than it is to cancel on yourself.

Benefits to exercising as you age

Here are just a few examples of why exercising is good for you, especially as you get older:

  • Cognitive Effects – After studying the effects of HIIT on older people over 65 years old, scientists at the Mayo Clinic and found that exercise positively reversed damage to older muscle cells.
  • Independence – Be as physically independent as you can by keeping your body is top condition.
  • Mood Elevator – Physical activity releases endorphins which helps to elevate your mood. As we age, there may be a tendency towards depression which can be combated with regular exercise.

Do Something Enjoyable

Exercising doesn’t have to be a drag. Combine it with a hobby to make it exciting for yourself. Here are some ideas that may appeal to you. Obviously, before you start any exercise program, review it with your doctor.

  • Swimming – Swimming is easy on your joints and offers a great workout.
  • Dance classes – In addition to getting your heart rate up, dance classes are a great way to bond with your partner or to meet someone new.
  • Sex – You’re never too old to learn a new position!
  • Get a dog – If you’ve always wanted a dog, now’s the time to take the plunge. Enjoy heart healthy walks with your loyal companion.
  • Yoga – For a lower intensity workout, try yoga. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never done it before. The more practice yoga, the more flexible your body will become.

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