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Dr. Janet offering tips on avoiding surprising health risks caused by beans

We all know that beans are a nutritional powerhouse. They are loaded with protein, fiber, potassium and many other nutrients. However beans can also cause some surprising health risks.

Nutritionist and author Dr. Janet Brill appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss about beans and she reveals tips on how to avoid the surprising health risks that are caused by this staple food.

1. Black beans do not cause migraine

There are three types of beans that are known to trigger migraine which are – Fava, Garbanzo and Navy beans. Dr. Janet advises to consume black beans as they don’t cause any headache.

2. Dry beans lower blood pressure

Beans are generally a great heart healthy food that help lower blood pressure. The problem lies with canned variety which the majority of Americans consume. Canned beans are loaded with sodium that can raise BP. The mantra is to rinse the beans at least twice. Or you can use natural, dry beans, soak them overnight and cook them using pressure cooker.

The secret is that the beans without extra salt are heart healthy and they help bring blood pressure down and lower cholesterol.

3. Properly cooked beans do not cause gas

Though beans cause gas, Dr. Janet offers tips on how to avoid that. She suggests using Japanese dry sea weed, coriander, and baking soda while cooking beans that ensure that beans don’t cause gas.

The idea is not to give up eating beans. Rather eat natural, dry beans thrice a week by cooking them yourself.

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