Sweating is normal, and there are tons of advantages attached to it. However, excessive sweating is one of the greatest discomfort millions of people around the world experience on a daily basis. There are many reasons attributed to this condition, and while others have a complex medical explanation, there is always a need to control the excessive sweating.

Some of the commons remedies to excessive sweating include the use of hormones, use of antiperspirant and sometimes the use of dietary means. Among these common remedies, the use of antiperspirant is the easiest, affordable, and easier to access compared to other remedies. This nature of antiperspirant explains the reason why it has attracted a large academic and scientific curiosity in the past eight decades.

Although different types of antiperspirants have different ingredients listed on the label, the most important ingredient is aluminum chloride. The ingredient is one of the most used ingredients in the long history of controlling excessive sweating. In this long period of usage, it has been subjected to research, analysis, and more importantly, its reaction to the human body.

What makes aluminum chloride an important ingredient in making antiperspirant?

Just as the name suggests, aluminum chloride is a two components product. The most active between aluminum and chloride is aluminum. In this case, it is instrumental in reacting with the eccrine, which is gland in the human body responsible for sweat production. The element helps the body to reduce the amount of sweat by reacting with water in sweat and therefore reducing the amount of sweat.

The safety aspect of this element has been subject to different professional opinions. Most of the professional views cover various aspects of aluminum and its reactions to different parts of the body. The correct position of professionals is that aluminum is a harmless element and does not cause complications such as cancer. Major scientific journals have proved that aluminum in aluminum chloride is harmless to the overall functioning of the body. In case one wants to go back to fitness routines, previous use will not affect the sweating frequency.

Guide on choosing the right antiperspirant in relation to aluminum chloride

The following is a comprehensive guide on buying the right antiperspirant in a store. First, it is important to understand how strong the product is, in comparison to other available options. The strength aspect is subjective to different people and different professional opinions. The golden rule, in this case, is to follow the guideline of your dermatologist or go for a moderate product. The main advantage of a moderate product, in this case, is that it balances your need as far as reducing sweat is concerned with the active ingredients.

Second, while choosing the right antiperspirant, understanding your reaction index is unmatched in getting the right antiperspirant. Does your body react with Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex or Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate? Understanding which ingredients your body has a negative reaction to helps in choosing other alternatives, if available. If your body has a negative reaction with Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate, it is important to go for a product that has less than 1% of this ingredient.

In addition, understanding that price does not necessarily represent the value of an antiperspirant is an important point to start the journey of controlling your sweat. Some antiperspirants may be expensive, but with the wrong composition of components and, therefore, in order to get the value for your money, understanding your needs is unmatched.

Apart from making antiperspirant, which other products have aluminum chloride?

For the past two decades, aluminum chloride has been one of the ingredients used in after-shave gels. Prior to using this important ingredient, most of the after-shave liquids used monsel solution. The main disadvantage of using monsel solution is that after-shave gels caused consistent discoloration. Fortunately, there is no discoloration when aluminum chloride is the main ingredient in shaving gels. Dermatologists, however, point out that one must be keen on how they dissolve their shaving gel, which has aluminum chloride. The most recommended solution percentage is between 20-40%. In addition to lack of discoloration, the products with this ingredient are free from paresthesia, and this is one of the biggest wins with after-shave products.

Controlled sweating is important. However, for excessive sweat, people have been controlling their perspiration for over one century. Regardless of the control brand one uses, understanding the ingredients and following the application procedures is unmatched. Dermatologists believes that not following instructions is one-step to complications. Understanding how your body reacts to different ingredients is also key in achieving a better perspiration control.

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