Blood Pressure Down
Blood Pressure Down

High Blood Pressure is a silent killer that is both preventable and reversible. As Dr. Janet’s book Blood Pressure Down released on May 7th, it continues to get rave reviews.

A great review of Blood Pressure Down book has been published on Bookend Chronicles by Gigi Frost.

Here are the excerpts:

“Blood Pressure Down is the ultimate tool chest that provides a wealth of ideas and information on how to lower blood pressure and take less prescription drugs. This is not a quick fix, or band-aid, or an ultimate cure-all. It gives a straight forward way to understand what is potentially damaging and how to tweak bad habits without going to the extreme.”

“…There are sensible nuggets of wisdom that can be incorporated into daily life without ridiculous crash diets.”

“Brill’s clever approach and deft knowledge has taken on both the psychological and physiological factors of a healthier lifestyle to deliver the most comprehensive, sustainable and empowering program. The approach can be personalized to each reader’s needs; whether a person is already on a different plan, has a prescription or is under therapy, it is incredibly modifiable.”

“Never has it been easier than what is laid out in Blood Pressure Down, it’s time for every individual to take responsibility and acknowledge when enough is enough.”

Read the rest of the review here: Bookend Chronicles

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