Blood Pressure Down
Blood Pressure Down

A review of Blood Pressure Down book was published in Woman Around Town by Charlene Giannetti.

Here is the excerpt:

“Simply put: what you eat has a lot to do with those blood pressure readings. A common belief that high blood pressure owes to heredity and age is not always true. Brill emphasizes that by changing your diet you can change those readings. And she has a plan that you can follow to do just that.

If high blood pressure is not a health issue you face, you probably have relatives or close friends who do struggle with trying to lower those numbers. Give them this book as a gift. They will thank you…. The Ten Step program is so obvious it’s brilliant. The way Brill lays it out makes each step not only easy to follow, but also hard to resist.”

Read the rest of the review here: Woman Around Town

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