Dr. Janet Brill’s revolutionary book Blood Pressure Down is all set to release on Tuesday, May 7, 2013. Dr. Janet provides her readers easy solutions to deal with the ubiquitous problem of high blood pressure.

Some of the people who have already read the book have already given thumbs-up to the Blood Pressure Down book.

Here is the review published at Active Seniors HQ.

“Blood Pressure Down: An Apostle of the Mediterranean Diet”

“Sometimes it is easier to believe in miracle cures…food supplements and medical breakthroughs than simple proven formula’s for healthy living. Author and nutrition expert Janet Brill, Ph.D., adheres to the simple formula.

Her message is unfailingly simple. Lifestyle is always the first strategy, first line of defense. You can pop all the pills in the world, but you won’t live a long life unless you live the lifestyle as well and walk the walk. And even if you are in your 70’s, studies have shown that even if you have not lived a heart healthy life, it’s not too late.

One of Janet Brill’s prescriptions for healthy living is devoting yourself to the Mediterranean lifestyle. It can actually prolong life by many, many years, says Brill. So, it’s never too late for a change to a heart healthy lifestyle.”

Read the rest of the review here: Active Seniors HQ

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