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Use Parsley in food for health benefits

A sprig of parsley is tiny in size but huge in terms of health benefits. Parsley is a Mediterranean herb that adds a great taste and vibrant color to any dish! But don’t let your parsley serve as a mere herb for garnishing your plate, make sure to EAT this decorative herb too. There is much more to this herb than meets the eye. Parsley has been around for more than 2000 years, and boasts of medicinal properties. (It has been used since ancient times for its healing.)

  • Parsley contains an abundance of several vital vitamins which include vitamin A, C, B12, and K. Here are some great benefits of eating your parsley in your meals:
  • Parsley is packed with vitamin C , the antioxidant water soluble vitamin that boosts immunity and makes your skin look youthful and radiant.
  • This vibrant green herb boasts of anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief from joint pain and relax stiff muscles. It is especially good for people suffering from arthritis and joint problems.
  • Parsley contains polyphenol flavonoids such as apigenin, known to lower the risk of developing various cancers such as prostate, breast and skin.
  • Parsley contains a large amount of the B vitamin folic acid or folate that helps prevent thickening of artery walls. Thus parsley helps prevent heart disease by preventing blood vessels from oxidative damage. Regular intake of parsley in your meals also helps lower blood pressure, as parsley is rich in the mineral, potassium.
  • Worried about bad breath? Eat parsley. Some people eat a parsley sprig after finishing their meals. This is because parsley contains antioxidants and antibacterial properties that aid in fighting oral bacteria.
  • Parsley has antibiotic properties that help prevent urinary tract infections. Although parsley has myriad health benefits, some people may be sensitive to it and potentially suffer from an upset stomach after eating large amounts. Just remember to consume it in moderation.

Parsley is not just a garnish to enhance the look of your meal. Be sure to eat your sprigs of parsley, a true heart healthy food that brings with it a host of nutritional benefits.

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