By pws builder

Man Pouring Drink In The Glasses

The most anticipated holiday months are finally here, bringing social gatherings with delicious treats and cocktails that are hard to resist. You deserve to relax and enjoy the company of your coworkers, friends, and family… just don’t forget to eat and drink in moderation! The general recommendation from health authorities is to indulge in a maximum of 1 alcoholic beverage per day (for women) and up to 2 alcoholic beverages for men. If you do choose to imbibe, why not skip the sugary, calorie-laden holiday drinks, and celebrate your health with a festive fruit-laden red wine? Red wine is packed with heart-healthy antioxidants and has been proven to boost your “good” cholesterol (HDL-cholesterol) and lower your blood pressure–which will improve your cardiovascular health. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a zero-calorie drink. Take small portions of your favorite holiday foods and pile low-calorie vegetable dishes on your holiday plate to keep the calorie load down. Now that’s a holiday celebration!

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