Tea is one of the most popular and widely consumed drinks in the world. In India and China for example, drinking tea is a common practice among most families.

Green Tea Helps Lower Blood Pressure
Green tea works wonders for people who are attempting to lose those extra pounds.

Tea, and especially green tea, contains natural chemicals that have various therapeutic properties. In fact, green tea has been used as a medicine for centuries in Asia.

Research has shown that drinking green tea benefits health in a number of ways ranging from preventing many types of cancers, providing cardiovascular protection via antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms, and even offering therapeutic benefits for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Green tea contains an enormous amount of antioxidants that make choosing this type of tea a superbly healthy option. It contains a plethora of plant antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties making this drink a true superfood. Learn why you should choose green tea as your beverage of choice:

Weight Loss
Green tea works wonders for people who are attempting to lose those extra pounds. The magic ingredient? Green tea contains polyphenols and catechins—plant chemicals that raise the body’s metabolic rate and helps in burning calories.

Lowers blood pressure
People who consume green tea on a regular basis are less prone to developing high blood pressure.

Heart healthy beverage
Green tea consumption is known to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke. It is a known fact that, high blood pressure leads to various fatal diseases including stroke, and heart attack. As mentioned above, regular consumption of green tea lowers blood pressure, prevents the formation of clots and ultimately prevents cardiovascular disease. Whenever you want to have a drink, think green tea…your heart will thank you for this!

Prevents cancer
Research studies have time and again proven that green tea prevents various types of cancer including most notably colorectal, prostate, oral and skin. It also prevents stomach, lung, prostate, bladder, breast, and pancreatic cancer. The catechins found in green tea kill cancer cells, and prevent cell mutation without damaging the healthy tissue around them.

Lowers bad cholesterol
Drinking this healthy beverage helps reduce bad cholesterol in body and instead boosts the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

Prevents tooth decay
Tea is a rich source of polyphenols and catechins, plant chemicals that kill bacteria associated with causing bad breath and tooth decay. Have one or more cups of green tea a day! It is a natural cleanse for your oral health.

Great for skin
Don’t rush for an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon to tame those wrinkles. The solution to great skin lies in your kitchen. Drinking green tea prevents signs of aging and reduces the effects of sun damage. What’s more, this wonderful beverage has a tranquilizing effect that helps you relax and feel rejuvenated.

Start today to make yourself a steaming cup of green tea and relax. On a hot day, you might even consider chilling out with a cup of iced green tea!

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