New Year’s resolutions usually prompt introspective thinking and get us to make well-intentioned commitments to the future months. Sure, being able to hit the gym every day sounds nice, but working 40 hours a week doesn’t warrant much time away from the office to be spent breaking a sweat. This year, give yourself a goal you can strive for everyday that is grounded in realism: doing more of what makes you happy and healthy. Life is stressful. No matter what your specific circumstances are, it is just a facet of life that it can sometimes be a little too overwhelming. Instead of letting life’s difficulties take you for a ride, allow yourself to grow and blossom wherever you are planted by going out of your way to bring positivity into your life. These tips will have you feeling lighter and more content in 2019.

1. Eat more veggies
According to the USDA’s MyPlate, women should eat 2 – 2½ cups of vegetables every day. Try cooking up a veggie for every dinner to add more veggies into your diet overall. Leafy greens like kale and butter leaf are great options that contain plenty of water (so you can get improve your hydration game, too). Carrots and celery make for great crunchy snacks at work or while watching Netflix.

2. Get more sleep>
Eight hours of sleep may seem like a mythical dream for some, but getting enough sleep can exponentially increase your mood and reduce those dreaded under-eye circles. Try scheduling your bedtime and sticking to it.

3. Drink more water
Though there are a number of far more tempting and tastier drinks out there and crowding your fridge, drinking water is an irreplaceable necessity for your health. Buy an insulated water bottle to keep your water cold for hours and handy whenever you need it!

4. Take a vacation

When you work a 40 hour week and have limited days off, you may be understandably reluctant to take days off for a quick getaway. Instead of taking a full week off, use the weekends to your advantage. Take one day off and give yourself a long weekend for a few days out of town. Getting out will let you relax and reset before going back to your routine.

5. Balance your chakras
Some days, weeks, months are worse than others, and that’s okay. Kick start your energy by visiting a local holistic center equipped with an aura imaging machine. You’ll be able to see a visual representation of your energy and get helpful advice on how to balance out your chakras for better weeks ahead.

6. Phone a friend
Loneliness is a feeling that can creep up on us without any rhyme or reason. Fight those feelings by phoning a friend! Whether it’s catching up with a girlfriend or planning a mall date with mom, reaching out to loved ones can erase that lonely feeling in a jiff.

7. Snack smarter

Instead of trying to knock the habit of snacking, try to change your habit by incorporating healthier snacks into your diet. Dried fruit, nuts, and granola make for the perfect finger food when you’re craving something salty or sweet.

8. Take more photos
Take more time to appreciate the little things life has to offer. Though most of us aren’t lucky enough to travel for a living and take awe-inspiring photos on a daily basis, capturing the beauty of a new blossom in your garden is enough as is. You may even find that your surroundings are a lot more beautiful than you originally thought.

9. Write more
It seems that times flies by faster as each year passes. Make those days count by recording them in a journal. Whether they’re little positive thoughts, happy encounters, or memories worth jotting down, having a place to unleash the words bumbling around in your head will do your brain some serious good.

10. Read more

Sometimes all you need is a really good book to turn a blah day into a good one. Set aside 30 minutes every other day to cozy up on your favorite couch, dim the lights, and get lost in a world very distant from your own.

11. Practice meditation
Taking five to ten minutes out of your morning or night routine to sit still and meditate can have an incredible effect on your mental state. Just before bed and just as we wake up, our mind races with the things we have to do during the day or on the following day. Let your mind rest before it can race by giving it a time-out and clearing your mind.

These 11 tips will help make 2019 your year for seeking balance, centered happiness, and overall wellness.

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