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Here is a testimonial by M. Bickhart from Phoenixville on how Cholesterol Down book has helped him lower his cholesterol.

“This was on my Christmas list. Had my blood work done Sept, 2013, results as followed:

Total Cholesterol-231

Read the book, made a list of the 10 guidelines, taped it to the wall near the kitchen sink, tweaked it to my liking.

  • Ate steel cut oatmeal with chia or flaxseed, wheat germ, oat bran most mornings. (I made a week’s supply at once and refrigerated, then reheated adding some kind of berries or bananas.)
  • Took 2 tabs of Cholest-off daily (phytosterols).
  • Took 2 tabs of organic Flaxseed oil daily.
  • Ate almonds or an apple (or both) as a snack sometime during the day.
  • Ate more spinach and mushrooms and garlic and veggies,(beets and cabbage clean the system).
  • Ate more beans (not so great with that).
  • Ate much less meat and dairy (which I had previously done, with little positive results).
  • Drank a soy latte or some kind of soy shake (non GMO)..delicious!!!(not every day).
  • Continued eating the dark chocolate I have always indulged in.
  • Took a garlic supplement (not every day).
  • Took “Super Thisilyn” for 3 weeks (figured it would help my liver recover from whatever damage I have done).I added this little “secret weapon” of my own.
  • For the life of me, could not tolerate the psyllium husk.
  • Continued to exercise, (either walk or zumba or pilates) about 3 times a week.

Just received my new lab results, drawn March 2014 (6 months later), as followed:

Total Cholesterol-186

My 60th birthday is in 2 months. I have a terrible family history. My father died from a stroke and early heart disease. My brother had a severe stroke at age 54. My mother has been on all the “Big Pharma” meds since she was 50 and tries to persuade me to “just take them”.

My labs have NEVER been so good!!!

Thank you Dr. Janet Brill!! Thank you for taking the time to study and publish this information for our benefit… I believe your approach with recognizing the different mechanisms of our bodily functions is the ticket.

May be the best Christmas gift ever!!! My best to anyone reading this…tweak it to your liking and you won’t have to stress anymore over blood tests…Amazing!”

~ M. Bickhart (Phoenixville,Pa)

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