Sodium is vital to human health but excessive consumption of salt is harmful. Americans consume salt well above the recommended limits. While public health organizations recommend between 1,500 mg and 2,300 mg salt a day; Americans consume about 3,400 mg of sodium per day which is way beyond the recommended limit.

As per the Salt Institute, daily salt consumption of over two teaspoons a day is quite safe. They warned that sodium restrictions of less than 2,600 mg may decrease life expectancy and cognitive function.

Speaking on the matter, nutrition consultant and author Dr. Janet Brill said, “The Salt Institute is basically the Tobacco Institute reincarnated. It is a very powerful propaganda machine.”

Describing salt as a “slow poison” that leads to high blood pressure and ultimately heart disease; Dr. Brill added, “Over time eating a very high salt intake, which most Americans do, is going to affect your body more than just with high blood pressure. It’s harmful to your organs.”

“Salt is salt. It’s the sodium that’s the villain. Any kind of salt: sea salt, Himalayan rock salt, it’s not a health food,” she said. Rather than consuming too much salt, Dr. Janet recommends “You can get your minerals from healthy foods, not from salt for God’s sake.”

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