Health ramifications of eating more butter
Dr. Janet advises to stick with liquids and plants as plant food is preferable over animal food, including dairy products.

Every year, a large number of Americans fall victim to heart attacks and high cholesterol. While many people claim that butter is better and good for health, Dr. Janet highlighted its dangerous side effects and emphasized substitution of butter with plant based oils in the diet.

Speaking to Fox 29 News Philadelphia, Dr. Janet Brill said, “Butter is an animal food. It is solid at room temperature, contains saturated fat, and is not good for your arteries and heart.”

Stressing on the importance of sticking to liquids and plants, she affirmed that “plant based products win over animal based products any day.” She recommended consumption of heart healthy extra virgin olive oil and canola oil instead of the artery clogging butter. People who don’t like the flavor of olive oil, can opt for canola oil.

She advised avocado and hummus as substitutes for butter. Hummus contains fiber, chickpeas and is a whole lot nutritious. You can spread it on a sandwich and enjoy it without worrying about cholesterol.

As February is the Heart Health month, Dr. Janet Brill urged people to go for the liquid oil to protect the heart. Stick to plant based oils, she emphasized.

Watch the video as Dr. Janet suggests healthy substitutes for butter.

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