Blood Pressure Down
Blood Pressure Down

Dr. Janet’s Blood Pressure Down book continues to receive wide acclaim from the people who are reading it. This book is the perfect guide for someone who has been suffering from high blood pressure, someone who is prone to it or someone who just wants to lead a healthy life.

Dr. Janet offers Mediterranean recipes, checklists, charts, meal plans and a complete 10 step plan in a simple, easy language that is easily understandable.

As Patricia Faulhaber (pfaulhaber) in Blog Critics says, “…What sets this 10-step plan apart is the simple way the author lays it out for the readers. Brill gives the step, the why for the step, any necessary warnings, tips for implementing each step and methods of attacks or how the step lowers blood pressure….The author also includes extremely helpful tips on implementing the steps. The steps and the implementation are presented so that readers can easily start tomorrow.
This is a great, great book that is well written in the average reader’s language….This is one of those books that should be kept on the kitchen counter or in one’s car if you eat out a lot.”

Read the rest of the review here: blogcritics

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