Lower Blood Pressure with Five Superfoods
Dr. Janet Interview in Toronto Star

Dr. Janet has been recently interviewed by Paul Irish and her interview has been published in the Toronto Star.

High blood pressure is a symptomless disease. Many people don’t realize that they are suffering from it and if left untreated it can damage blood vessels, heart and brain as well.

In the interview, Dr. Janet mentioned about five best foods to lower blood pressure from her new book, Blood Pressure Down.

Cantaloupe:  Dr. Janet recommends eating cantaloupe as it is rich in potassium, which counteracts the sodium that raises blood pressure. However she advises to steer clear of supplements. As Dr. Brill explains, “Fresh fruits and vegetables are always the best.”

Spinach: Spinach is high in magnesium. For people who don’t like eating spinach much, Dr. Janet recommends, “If you haven’t acquired a taste for it — like a lot of people — try cooking it in a frying pan using extra virgin olive oil and adding a bit of fresh garlic.”

Plain non-fat yogurt: “Try to eat two cups a day,” advises Dr. Janet to keep high blood pressure at bay.

Soy beans: Research has indicated that having half a cup salt free roasted soybeans everyday helps reduce blood pressure. “They’re exceptionally high in protein, practically sodium free and have a low glycemic index,” as Dr. Janet explains.

Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate inhibits the enzyme that raises blood pressure. As for choosing the dark chocolate, Dr. Janet suggests. “Choose the dark chocolate that’s highest in cocoa mass, even if you have to sacrifice some of the taste.”

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